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Yaaay! Not as nom as their regular ones though. But I had to try it since it’s new in sweden. 

My baby <3
Dead dog snuggling infront of the fire! 

My sleepy babed <3 @kaktuzz will kill me when/if he sees this, but I don’t care <3
What’s this? 
A little piggy that’s snoring like a full grown man! And she’s kicking me :(

I made a look today using #sleekmakeup #respect palette! It has some lovely reds, oranges and pinks in it :) 

Don’t forget to follow my private account if you want to follow my life —> @currylantz

#makeup #mua #instamakeup #makeupartist #fotd #motd #eyeliner #lashes
My dog have been so mommy sick the last couple of days. She’s glued to me almost, and can’t do anything withoyt her following me around.. My little cutiepie <3 maybe she feels that I’m not feeling allright and such <3 

Dat face <3 

Ahwyeah! Best movies evaaah! LOVE the Insidious movies, and I hope there will be a third one <3
That time when @xsparkage liked one of my makeups. Made my entire day! 

#makeup #xsparkage